A Redmond Government To Abolish Automatic Parole

A Redmond Government To Abolish Automatic Parole

South Australia Opposition Leader Isobel Redmond

SA Liberals: Building Strong And Safe Communities

Victor P Taffa

Liberal Leader Isobel Redmond has today announced a plan to abolish automatic parole for prisoners serving sentences of more than 12 months.

Speaking at the 2012 Police Association Annual Delegates’ Conference, Ms. Redmond said that if a Liberal Government was elected in 2014, offenders would not be eligible for automatic parole and would be forced to demonstrate to the Parole Board that they no longer pose a risk to the community.

Under the current system, only offenders found guilty of serious violence or sexual offences don’t have access to automatic parole they have to go before the Parole Board for sentences as short as 12 months.

The SA Liberals believe this should apply across the board.

“Offenders serving more than 12 months in prison should prove they have taken the necessary steps towards rehabilitation and that their behaviour has been reformed.” Ms. Redmond said.

“Today’s announcement reinforces a commitment I made earlier this year that a Redmond Liberal Government would build strong, safe and sustainable communities.”

In addition to abolishing automatic parole, Ms. Redmond also released a Private Members Bill for consultation that promotes the use of photo boards by Police for identification.

“We want to embrace the best modern technology has to offer.” Ms. Redmond said.

“Traditional line-ups are time consuming and costly. Organising line-ups can take up to 10 Police officers and up to 60 hours of Police time, time that could obviously be better spent on any number of other Police activities.” Mr. Wade said.

“The Bill seeks to amend current legislation by removing the judicial preference for line-ups and will allow Police officers to make the choice between line-ups and photo boards.”