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South Australia Opposition Leader Steven Marshall

Marshall To Establish Adviser Code Of Conduct

Victor P Taffa

State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall will establish a Code of Conduct for all Ministerial Advisers in a Liberal Government, ensuring those who withhold information from Ministers are held accountable.

Mr. Marshall gave his commitment to a Code of Conduct in the wake of Premier Weatherill’s belligerent refusal to take appropriate action against his senior advisers, Simon Blewett and Jadynne Harvey.

“The Debelle inquiry determined that Premier Weatherill’s senior advisers, Mr. Blewett and Mr. Harvey, were at fault in failing to tell Premier Weatherill about the rape of a child in a school.” Mr. Marshall said.

“But for 22 days, Premier Weatherill has put friendship ahead of leadership by failing to take action and sack Mr. Blewett and Mr. Harvey.”

“In fact, instead of taking action against Mr. Blewett and Mr. Harvey, Premier Weatherill went on a holiday to Queensland just a week after the Debelle Report was released.”

“It’s time Premier Weatherill puts an end to his Government’s casual attitude to child protection issues and put the interests of South Australians ahead of personal friendships and holidays.”

Mr. Marshall’s Code of Conduct for Ministerial Advisers will cover issues including:

  • Full disclosure to Ministers;
  • Professional integrity;
  • Conflicts of interest;
  • Improper advantage;
  • Gifts and benefits;
  • Improper use of public resources;
  • Interactions with public servants.

“Under Premier Weatherill, Ministerial Advisers have been unaccountable for their actions, as highlighted in the wake of the Debelle report.” Liberal Leader Steven Marshall said.

“Implementing a Code of Conduct for Ministerial Advisers will bring South Australia into line with other states and the Federal Government, and ensure the highest level of professional standards.”

“Ministerial Advisers enjoy a close association with political decision-making and the inner workings of government. This is a privilege that should not be taken lightly.” Mr. Marshall said.


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