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South Australia Opposition Leader Steven Marshall

Weatherill Follows Marshall’s Lead On Policy

Victor P Taffa

Premier Weatherill and Labor have once again followed the State Liberals’ lead on policy initiatives this time on late bill payments.

In February, State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall announced:

“If elected to Government in 2014, the State Liberals will ensure automatic penalties are made payable to businesses for any contract worth up to $1 Million.” (Marshall Press Release 22/2/13)

Having been exposed for failing to pay its bills on time and putting unnecessary pressure on South Australian businesses the embarrassed Weatherill Labor Government followed Mr. Marshall’s lead after 11 years of inaction.

Today, Minister for Finance O’Brien said:

“We want to make sure that South Australian businesses have the working capital available for them to take on additional employees or to buy in necessary resources.” (O’Brien FIVEaa 20/6/13)

“Premier Weatherill has been caught out again plucking strategy from the Mike Rann playbook  fail to address a problem for a decade then adopt the State Liberals’ solution and claim victory.” State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall said.

The Labor Government under Mike Rann criticised and then stole Liberal initiatives such as the CBD stadium, enlivening the River Torrens, the hospital upgrade, the desalination plant and an ICAC.

“The State Liberals understand small business both Shadow Treasurer Iain Evans and I are former business owners, so we understand the pressures facing the sector.” Mr. Marshall said.

“Requiring government to pay its bills on time is part of our promise to make doing business in South Australia easier.”

“Premier Weatherill is leading a tired Government that has run out of ideas and after 11 years of Labor it is time for a change.”

“Instead of celebrating a decade of negligence and outsourcing solution finding to the State Liberals, the Weatherill Labor Government needs to adopt better priorities and get South Australia back on track.” Mr. Marshall said.


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