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Tasmania Shadow Minister for Infrastructure Rene Hidding

Labor Must Adopt Liberal Plan For International Shipping Service – Or Secure More Compensation From Rudd

Victor P Taffa

The Liberals’ Plan for a Brighter Future includes a fully funded, fully costed commitment to restore vital international shipping services to Tasmania, Shadow Minister for Infrastructure Rene Hidding said.

“Every year without an international service is costing our exporters up to $40 Million and the situation can’t be allowed to go on. For two years now State Labor has failed to address this major economic issue. We know what the problem is, and we know the solution.”

“It is time Minister David O’Byrne got serious and immediately adopted the Liberals’ Plan to invest up to $33 Million over three years to partner with industry, to ensure the re-introduction of an affordable international shipping service to key Asian ports.” Mr. Hidding said.


“If he won’t do that, the Minister must secure a short term fix of another $20 Million in compensation funding for exporters, when Mr. Rudd is in Tasmania next week. Labor recognised that exporters needed compensation for the past financial year, if they won’t adopt our solution, then exporters deserve compensation again.”

“The focus will be squarely on Mr. O’Byrne to deliver for Tasmanian exporters when Mr. Rudd is in town, given his failure to do anything productive to date.” Mr. Hidding said.

Coupled with an International Shipping Service is a Rail Ferry across Bass Strait that would commence from the Williamstown Line in Victoria. A Rail Ferry would be used for freight and passenger services including a Melbourne to Hobart High Speed Rail service.


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