9 Home Detention Orders Made Since March 2019

9 Home Detention Orders Made Since March 2019

Tasmania Attorney-General Elise Archer

New Home Detention System Off To A Good Start

Victor P Taffa

Hodgman Government’s new home detention electronic monitoring system commenced last month, with a total of 9 home detention orders already made as part of our Government’s $4.3 Million-a-year commitment to alternative sentencing options.

Introduction of Home Detention Orders was an initiative of our Government to ensure that there are a range of appropriate sentencing options for the courts to apply depending on the seriousness of the crime or offence committed, Attorney-General Elise Archer said.

Tasmanian community has held strong concerns relating to the use of suspended sentencing, but under this Government we have moved to give our courts a broader range of options that better responds to the community’s expectations.

First order was made on 19 March this year and more than 55 assessments for home detention have already been ordered by the courts.

Offenders subject to an order are required to wear an electronic tag and have their location monitored at all times by a specialist monitoring unit.

Since 1 April, the monitoring team has also monitored selected family violence offenders on behalf of Tasmania Police.

“Hodgman Government is confident this new sentencing option strikes the right balance between rehabilitation of offenders and community protection, while also reducing stress on prison resources.” Attorney-General Archer said.