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South Australia Election 20 March 2010

South Australia Electoral Commissioner Kay Mousley

Victor P Taffa

South Australia has an estimated 88,000 “missing” voters who are being sought ahead of the State election on March 20.

The State’s Electoral Commissioner, Ms. Kay Mousley, said the main group of missing voters were people who had not updated their details following a change of address, including those who had moved from interstate, and 18 to 21 year olds who had not yet enrolled.

“With the State election due on March 20, we are keen to find as many of these people as possible and get them enrolled.” Ms. Mousley said.

“Once the writs for the election have been issued by the Governor, there will be only 10 days left for people to act.”

Ms. Mousley said the writs could be issued at any time between now and February 20.

“As a result of recent legislative changes, it is now compulsory for eligible voters to enrol and we would urge anyone who has not done so to act now.” Ms. Mousley said.

“This includes all Australian citizens aged 18 or over and who have lived at an address for at least a month.

Ms Mousley said the figure of 88,000 missing voters was based on Australian Electoral Commission investigations, which estimate 1.3 Million eligible Australians are not enrolled to vote.

Enrolment forms are available at all Post Offices or by downloading a form from the Commission website.




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