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ACT Opposition Leader Zed Seselja

ACT Rental Stress Worsens

Victor P Taffa

Reports today that Anglicare has experienced a 15 % increase in the number of Canberrans seeking rental assistance shows the effects of ACT Labor’s failed housing strategies, and the impact of cost of living pressures, ACT Opposition Leader Zed Seselja said today.

“It is clear that Canberrans are suffering because of ACT Labor’s inability to manage the housing market and failure to address serious cost of living pressures.” Mr. Seselja said today.

“Under ACT Labor, Canberra’s housing market has become unaffordable due to a broken planning system, poor infrastructure delivery, high taxes and a lack of competition.”

“Adding to Canberrans’ financial pressures are tripled water costs, an 85 % rise in electricity with another 17 % increase to come, and rate increases of 100 % in many suburbs. Yet it took Canberra Liberals’ legislation for the government to release cost of living implication statements with the ACT Budget.” Mr. Seselja said.

“These cost pressures will continue to rise as the effects of ACT Labor’s $50,000+ per unit tax hit the housing market in the coming years.”

“The Canberra Liberals solutions to Canberra’s housing affordability crisis include a genuine land bank, infrastructure improvements, taxation reform, streamlining the planning system and improving competition in the market.” Mr. Seselja said.

“We’ve also already released policies to help ease Canberrans’ cost of living pressures, including lowering car registration costs and the cost of junior sports.”

“The Canberra Liberals understand the seriousness of the ACT housing crisis, and addressing it will continue to be a major focus for us.” Mr. Seselja said.


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