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Northern Territory Chief Minister Adam Giles

Northern Territory Minister for Transport Adam Giles

Remote Residents On The Road To Safe Driving

Victor P Taffa

Seventy East Arnhem residents have taken a step towards being safer drivers on Territory roads.

Chief Minister Adam Giles said 42 learner licences and 28 provisional licences have been issued to DriveSafe NT Remote participants from Galiwinku after they completed the three-step program.

“This program aims to do more than just help people get a licence.” Chief Minister Giles said.

“The program aims to improve road safety outcomes in and around remote communities and incorporates messages about road safety issues such as drink driving, seat belts, overcrowding in vehicles, speed and first aid, as well as the responsibility that comes with owning a vehicle registration, roadworthiness and insurance.”

“DriveSafe NT Remote has now issued almost 500 learner licences, conducted 1,500 driving lessons and issued 158 provisional licences since its commencement in April 2012 an excellent and important result for safety, responsibility and self confidence in communities.”

“This program aims to assist learner drivers in all aspects of attaining a licence, including obtaining birth certificates, driving theory instruction and driving lessons.”

“These results are changing people’s lives and changing communities.” Chief Minister Giles said.

“Having a licence has many positive impacts such as being more aware about the choices and consequences of risky driving behaviours, getting a job and being able to drive legally to undertake a wide range of activities we all take for granted.”

“The Northern Territory Government has committed $4.5 Million over the next four years to support DriveSafe NT.” Chief Minister Giles said.

What began as a $3 Million two-year trial program, jointly funded by the Commonwealth Government, TIO and the Northern Territory Department of Transport, has now been fully funded by the Northern Territory Government to continue for a further three years.

The three-step program consists of:

  • Theory and road rules and learner licence testing
  • Driving lessons with an instructor and Mentor Driver trainers
  • Road safety theory and P plate testing

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