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New South Wales Deputy Commissioner Dave Owens

6,450 Motorists Charged In Nationwide Crackdown On Alcohol And Drug-Affected Drivers 

More than 6,000 motorists have been charged during a nationwide Policing operation targeting alcohol and drug-affected motorists.

New South Wales Police joined forces with their counterparts in other jurisdictions for the pre-Christmas blitz, ‘OPERATION RAID’ (Remove All Impaired Drivers), which ran from 20 November to 12 December.

During the three-week operation, Police across Australia conducted 725,693 breath tests and charged 6,450 with drink-driving offences, while 133 motorists were caught driving while affected by drugs.

Police also detected:

  • 24,225 speeding offences;
  • 3,647 seatbelt offences;
  • 5,241 licence offences;
  • 34,446 other traffic offences.

Operation RAID National Spokesperson, NSW Police Force Deputy Commissioner Dave Owens, said.

“It’s clear motorists continue to ignore road safety warnings.”

“Police nabbed 6450 drivers during RAID – that’s 6,450 people who got on the booze and then jumped into their car and chose to put themselves and other innocent road users at risk.” Deputy Commissioner Owens said.

“Drinking and driving is a lethal cocktail and we’ve already seen too many people killed on our roads because of alcohol.”

“I’d implore motorists to do the right thing these holidays – don’t speed, don’t drink and drive, take regular rest breaks if driving long distances and always drive to the conditions.” Deputy Commissioner Owens said.

“It’s been a horrendous year on the roads particularly in NSW and so many of the deaths we’ve witnessed could’ve been prevented if people obeyed the road rules and acted responsibly behind the wheel.”

Deputy Commissioner Owens warned that Police will remain out in force across the country over this Christmas/New Year period targeting traffic offenders.

“There’ll be a strong presence on the roads over the holidays and the message to all motorists is clear: If you want to act up, then expect to be caught and feel the full force of the law.” Deputy Commissioner Owens said.


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