$600,000 To Be Invested In Hermannsburg Historic Area

$600,000 To Be Invested In Hermannsburg Historic Area

Northern Territory Minister for Tourism and Culture Lauren Moss

Action Plan To Support Tourism Growth In Ntaria

Victor P Taffa

Northern Territory Government will invest $600,000 in the Hermannsburg Historic Precinct as part of a 5 Point Visitor Experience Action Plan to maximise tourism opportunities in the region.

Launching the Plan in the Precinct on Monday, Minister for Tourism and Culture, Lauren Moss said the Hermannsburg Historic Precinct was one of only 5 nationally listed heritage sites in the Northern Territory and was a cornerstone attraction for visitors to the West MacDonnell region.

Visitor Experience Action Plan builds on early Master Plan work and recognises the increase in visitor numbers following the sealing of the final section of popular tourist drive, the Mereenie Inner Loop road.

“Sealing of the final section of the Mereenie Loop provides greater opportunities, grows tourism experiences and creates employment in the West MacDonnell Ranges.” Minister Moss said.

Tourism data shows an increase in both domestic overnight and international holiday travellers self-driving to and around Central Australia in 2016-17, which was up by 9.0 % to 213, 000 visitors.*

Number of visits to the West MacDonnell Ranges has also grown, with almost 10,000 more visitors travelling to its key sites including Ormiston Gorge and Simpsons Gap when comparing the last 2 financial years (160,000 in 2016-17).

“Action Plan lays a solid foundation for the development of new and innovative local tourism businesses and provides the impetus for local community members to gain the skills and training to run sustainable businesses.” Minister Moss said.

Plan aims to deliver on 5 key actions:

  1. Develop a comprehensive Accommodation Plan for the Ntaria region
  2. Restore the Hermannsburg Historic Precinct
  3. Enhance governance and administration arrangements at the Precinct
  4. Assist small scale tourism ventures
  5. Develop a local tourism and hospitality workforce.

Northern Territory Government is investing $500 000 in the 2018-19 budget to assist with the restoration of heritage buildings within the Hermannsburg Historic Precinct.

In addition, $50 000 from the Department of Trade, Business and Innovation and $50 000 from the Department of Tourism and Culture has been committed this year, for emergency restoration works.

Precinct is one of the few surviving relatively intact mid-to-late 19th century ‘bush mission’ station complexes in Australia.

Action Plan will continue to develop and has been informed by consultation with local communities and the draft Hermannsburg Visitor Experience Master Plan developed.

*Derived by Tourism NT from Tourism Research Australia’s National and International Visitor Surveys