550,000 Votes Already Cast

550,000 Votes Already Cast

Victoria Electoral Commissioner Steve Tully

Victoria State Election 27 November 2010

Victoria Electoral Commission

Early Voting Record Set

Victor P Taffa

More than Half a Million Victorians have cast Early Votes for this State Election the 550,000 figure is more than double the number of early votes taken in 2006, and nearly 200,000 more than taken in Victoria in August for the Federal Election.


Postal Votes are also running at record levels for this point in time.  Interstate and Overseas Postal Votes (Postmarked the day of the Election or earlier) can arrive up to nine days after Election Day.

The Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) has posted the indicative numbers of Early Votes and the Postal Votes returned from Victoria on its website.

Electoral Commissioner, Steve Tully, says that the record number of Early Votes further validates the VEC’s decision to delay the counting of them until Monday.

“All of the 101 Early Voting Centres will have votes for most, if not all, Districts and the Reconciliation Process must be carefully conducted throwing more people at it increases the risk of error. An accurate result is our focus.” Mr. Tully said.

“At the close of voting tomorrow night, we’ll be counting all First Preference Votes taken on the day, the Two-Candidate-Preferred Vote and more than 180,000 Postal Votes.” Mr. Tully said.

Legislative changes mean that those who missed the roll deadline can enrol and vote on the spot at Voting Centres.  This could add further tens of thousands of Votes to be counted next week.

With Election Staff starting work at 7.00 am and many not expected to finish until late Saturday night, it will be a big day for the 17,000 Election Officials.