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Victoria Minister for Planning Matthew Guy

Regional Growth Plan Secures Geelong’s Future

Victor P Taffa

Planning Minister Matthew Guy today released a 40 year blueprint for Geelong, securing the local economy, jobs and liveability of the region.

“The G21 Regional Growth Plan provides a critical framework to underpin economic and jobs growth while protecting and preserving the region’s precious cultural and environmental assets.” Mr. Guy said.

“The plan also affirms Geelong’s role as Victoria’s second major city which accommodates over 75 % of the region’s population.”

The G21 Regional Growth Plan:

  • Identifies residential land supply for the next 30-40 years to accommodate a projected population of 500,000;
  • Identifies employment land to accommodate up to 80,000 new jobs by 2050;
  • Identifies agricultural land uses, significant tourism routes, health, education and research facilities;
  • Strengthens and protects existing major employment zones including Central Geelong, Corio, Lara, Avalon, Port of Geelong, Armstrong Creek, Torquay-Jan Juc, Ocean Grove and Colac; 
  • Identifies significant natural and landscape assets including the Otway Ranges, You Yangs, Bellarine Peninsula, Great Ocean Road, Otway Coast and Barrabool Hills.

Mr. Guy said the G21 Regional Growth Plan is the first of eight Regional Growth Plans to be approved and will link to the new Metropolitan Planning Strategy currently being developed to create a vision for Victoria.

“For the first time our regional and rural cities and towns will have strong linkages to our metropolitan region so that Victoria continues to be a leading state.” Mr. Guy said.

Mr. Guy said that he has also acted to ensure the plan delivers support for new development in the north of Geelong to meet short and medium term housing needs.

“The plan includes investigation areas for future development, including ‘Lovely Banks’, Bell Post Hill and Batesford South.” Mr. Guy said.

“This will allow for the delivery of multiple development fronts in the region to provide future residents with a wide choice of housing, near employment and with access to the Geelong Ring Road.”

In addition, the G21 Plan also guides growth across the wider region.

“Areas of significant growth include Central Geelong, Armstrong Creek, Ocean Grove, Drysdale-Clifton Springs, Leopold, Lara, Torquay-Jan Juc, Bannockburn, Colac and Winchelsea.” Mr. Guy said.

The G21 Regional Growth Plan has been endorsed by the City of Greater Geelong, Surf Coast Shire Council, Golden Plains Shire Council, Colac Otway Shire Council and the Borough of Queenscliffe.


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