40 Km/h Speed Limit To Be Installed Around Lauderdale Primary School

40 Km/h Speed Limit To Be Installed Around Lauderdale Primary School

Tasmania Minister for Infrastructure Jeremy Rockliff

Progressing Road Safety Around Lauderdale Primary School

Victor P Taffa

Work has started to install new 40 km/h variable speed limit signs on South Arm Highway in response to community concern about student road safety at Lauderdale Primary School.

“In March I asked the Department of State Growth to thoroughly investigate road safety around the school including a review of speed limits and the existing footpath infrastructure.” Minister for Infrastructure Jeremy Rockliff said.

Following this work, the Commissioner for Transport has now approved new speed limits on South Arm Road.

In the coming weeks, two key changes will come into effect, both of which are aimed to improve safety in the area.

Current 80 km/h speed zone on South Arm Road, between Oakdowns and Acton Road, will become a 70 km/h zone to provide a safer environment on the approach to the school.

40 km/h variable speed zone will be implemented for southbound traffic along 600 metres of South Arm Road, between Acton Road and Ringwood Road.

This 40 km/h zone will operate at the beginning and end of the school day, and will aim to improve safety of students using the footpath that runs along South Arm Road.

Department of State Growth will continue to work with City of Clarence on potential improvements to the footpath.

This decision signifies an important step towards protecting students and pedestrians in the area, and the Government will continue to work closely with the school and the broader community on this issue.