3D Model Of Adelaide CBD And Surrounding Suburbs To Assist With Planning

3D Model Of Adelaide CBD And Surrounding Suburbs To Assist With Planning

South Australia Minister for Planning John Rau

Creating A Virtual Model Of Adelaide

Victor P Taffa

State Government is creating a digital 3D model of the Adelaide CBD and surrounding suburbs which will to assist in planning the growth, vibrancy and liveability of the city.

“Traditionally developments have been planned and assessed with two-dimensional plans, and engagement with the public has relied on ‘artist impressions’ to visualise the impact.” Minister for Planning John Rau said.

“3D modelling is used around the world with great success and will allow the public to visualise a proposal and how it will fit with the existing streetscape.”

This $2 Million model funded within the 2017/18 State Budget will be a 3D interactive replica of the city’s inner ring and extending west to the coast.

3D model will be highly accurate and allow suburb level, precinct level and individual site level review of planning strategy and property development.

Technology will be readily accessible online, and will allow the community to better visualise and engage with proposed developments. The model will also be of value to state and local government in the development assessment process.

First phase of the project involves the mapping of the CBD and key development corridors, which is expected to be complete this financial year. Over the following 2 years the mapping base will extend to the inner ring of Adelaide and west to the coast.


30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide calls for an increased urban density from 15-25 dwellings per ha to 35 dwellings per ha in dedicated growth corridors including the City of Adelaide.

Achieving higher urban density is dependent upon development becoming more compact, with taller buildings and an emphasis on high quality design.