30-Year Electricity Vision For Queensland

30-Year Electricity Vision For Queensland

Queensland Minister for Energy Mark McArdle

Electricity Vision Directions Paper Sets 30-Year Horizon

Victor P Taffa

Significant issues that impact electricity prices in future decades will be open for public discussion and debate as part of a directions paper released today by Energy Minister Mark McArdle.

Mr. McArdle said the directions paper would help shape the development of a 30-Year Electricity Strategy which would shape the future of a cost effective electricity network for Queensland.

“The aim of developing a 30-Year Electricity Strategy is to focus not only on the issues of today, but to take a long-term view of the opportunities and challenges for the sector in the decades to come.” Mr. McArdle said

“Most major decisions for the electricity industry are made with a 30 year horizon in mind, so the decisions taken in the next few years will impact on prices for decades.”

“The Newman Government has delivered a price freeze on the domestic Tariff 11 to give households some relief from increasing electricity cost.”

“The development of a 30-Year Electricity Strategy will look at ways to keep cost of living down into the future.”

“When we reflect on the significant changes in our electricity use over the last 30 years, it’s clear we need to plan to ensure we’re prepared for a growing population, a changing environment and increasing levels of electricity demand.”

“The directions paper details the key issues and challenges facing the electricity sector and provides a roadmap to achieving a meaningful 30-year electricity strategy.”

Mr. McArdle said the Newman Government was absolutely committed to addressing power prices as a cost of living pressure in the short-term and to proactively planning to ensure our electricity supply system will be capable of meeting the changing needs of Queenslanders into the future.

“The 30-Year Electricity Strategy will examine all aspects of the network from generation, transmission, distribution and retail, right through to customer needs and expectations.” Mr. McArdle said.

“The directions paper is the first step in this process and highlights the importance of engagement, as we aim to achieve a shared vision for a sector that meets the needs of all Queenslanders.”

Mr. McArdle said the next stage would be the release of a detailed discussion paper in the first half of 2013 with a three month consultation period. The final 30-Year Electricity Strategy will be released in the second half of 2013.

The Department of Energy and Water Supply has also released a video to help Queenslanders better understand the State’s electricity industry and the issues facing the sector.