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New South Wales Minister for Water Property and Housing Melinda Pavey

Rainy Relief But Not Enough To Sink The Big Dry

Victor P Taffa

More than 30 mm of rain has fallen across Sydney over the past 36 hours, but this has been only a third of what Sydney has needed to significantly impact dam inflows, Minister for Water, Property and Housing Melinda Pavey said today.

Mrs. Pavey said a single rain event is not itself enough to break the drought and people across the State have to be mindful that water restrictions are in place.

“It’s strange to be thinking about water restrictions and the severe drought across the State when they’re reaching for their umbrellas and raincoats.” Mrs. Pavey said.

“Reality is our dams need at least 100 mm to start filling up. Over the past 36 hours around 30 mm has been recorded in parts of Sydney a third of what we need to make an impact.”

“Last year rainfall levels in New South Wales were among the lowest ever recorded over an extended period. In some areas, the state is the driest it has ever been and worse than the millennium drought.”

This rain event has produced:

  • 40 mm of rainfall over the Upper Nepean, Woronora and Shoalhaven Catchments,
  • 30 mm of rainfall over Warragamba Catchment,
  • 20 mm recorded over the Blue Mountains Catchment.

On Saturday, Level 1 water restrictions were introduced across greater Sydney, while other parts of the state have had water restrictions for over a year.

NSW Minister for Water Property and Housing Melinda Pavey









“Water restrictions will mean households across Sydney are doing their bit to conserve this precious commodity our water.” Mrs Pavey said.

Reducing Shower Time:

  • 1 minute can save,
  • 9 litres of water every shower which equals,
  • 45 Million litres of water across the city, every day.


New South Wales Rainfall Map Week Ending 5 May 2019


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