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Western Australia Minister for Regional Development Alannah MacTiernan

Western Australia Minister for Innovation and ICT Dave Kelly

Regional New Industries Fund Driving Innovation In Albany

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  • 3 new projects buoyed by funding from the Regional New Industries Fund
  • Election commitment to drive jobs and innovation in the Great Southern through Creative Albany delivered
  • $4.5 Million Regional New Industries Fund supports innovation and job creation in Western Australia

3 new projects have been awarded Regional New Industries Fund (RNIF) funding, as part of the McGowan Government’s commitment to support and accelerate new and emerging businesses that create jobs in the regions through innovation.

“McGowan Government is delivering on its commitment to generate jobs and growth by supporting new business ventures, and accelerating small to medium enterprise growth and seed innovation.” Minister for Regional Development Alannah MacTiernan said.

“Premise behind the Regional New Industries Fund approach is that regions with strong links between business and innovation stakeholders create more technology, innovation and commercialisation.”

RNIF is designed to support projects that build entrepreneurship, innovation and commercialisation to accelerate venture creation and economic diversification.

“Regional New Industries Fund continues to capitalise on Western Australia’s competitiveness by building innovation and commercialisation capabilities in the regions.” Minister for Innovation and ICT Dave Kelly said.

Creative Albany

Not-for-profit Creative Albany will utilise a $340,000 grant in its Design and Innovation Great Southern (DIGS) Hub to encourage innovation and creativity by providing designers, community organisations and businesses with virtual and physical spaces to meet, work, learn, collaborate and thrive in the Great Southern region.

This delivers on the McGowan Government’s election commitment to drive innovation and start-ups in Albany.

Aquaculture Council of WA

Aquaculture Council of WA will use a $270,000 grant for a cross-region project, Rock Oyster Cluster, which will bring together proponents currently exploring rock oyster aquaculture feasibility in WA and trial various oyster species to determine the optimum species and gear for each location.


MeshPoints has been awarded $250,000 in support of its Building Capacity project, which involves 20 facilitators running regionally based incubators to build networks of technology providers and business enterprises and share expertise, intellectual property and technology to build new regional innovation capabilities.

“Creative Albany does fantastic local work to encourage innovation and create opportunities in the creative industries.” Albany MLA Peter Watson said.

WA Minister for Innovation and ICT Dave Kelly









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