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Federal Election 21 August 2010

Statement From The Australian Electoral Commission – Division Of Boothby

Australian Electoral Commissioner Ed Killesteyn

Victor P Taffa

Legal advice has been received which means that 2,977 early votes cast for the Division of Boothby will not be included in the count.

The legal advice was sought after reports that these votes had not been handled in accordance with the provisions of the Commonwealth Electoral Act.


These votes have now been removed from AEC Virtual Tally Room figures. The removal of these votes does not change the candidate who is currently leading the Two Candidate Preferred (TCP) vote count in Boothby, but serves to reduce his lead by 339 votes. This figure was confirmed by the Australian Electoral Officer for South Australia. The tables attached show the details of the votes in question which were taken at the Oaklands Park Early Voting Centre.

The exclusion of these votes will not affect the progress, or finalisation, of the count in Boothby.

The Electoral Commissioner, Mr. Ed Killesteyn said that this is a serious matter that has resulted in affected voters not having their votes counted.

Mr. Killesteyn further advised that he has instigated an urgent examination into the circumstances which led to the exclusion of these votes. The examination will establish the facts surrounding the incident and report its findings to the Electoral Commissioner.


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