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CLP Candidate For Lingiari Leo Abbott

Leo Abbott Announces Boost To Regional Health Workforce

Victor P Taffa

The Coalition’s commitment to boost health services in regional Australia with a $27 Million fund is just what the doctor ordered for the Territory, Country Liberals Candidate for Lingiari Leo Abbott said today.



“One of the biggest issues for us in the Northern Territory is the shortage and retention of medical staff. The Coalition’s $27 Million Regional Medical Workforce Plan will help increase the number of Doctors, Nurses and Dentists here.”

“If elected, we’ll do this by doubling the number of rural scholarships for medical students who commit to working in a rural community for at least three years.” Mr. Abbott said.

“In regional towns that have no resident medical practitioner, we will pay annual bonuses to Nurse Practitioners. We’ll also fund 100 additional scholarships to rural and regional nurses to become Nurse Practitioners.”

“In many parts of Australia, people have to wait up to four years for non-emergency public dental treatment. As part of this plan we will introduce a scholarship scheme for dental students who commit to working in a rural area.”

“Labor promised at the last election to ‘improve health services and end the blame game’ but the blame game continues with review after review and no action, while regional services continue to suffer.”  Mr. Abbott said.

“Labor promised to return 7,750 public hospital nurses to the workforce but only delivered 366 nurses in the first year. They also promised to return 1,000 aged care nurses but the program ended with just 150 nurses.”

“Every Australian whether they live in Darwin or remote parts of the Northern Territory deserves equal access to health care services. It’s unfair that people that in live in Elliot have to drive for hours to Tennant Creek just to get an x-ray.”

“We want to make sure that staff already in the field gets the proper support they need because it’s these multi-skilled individuals that have kept our regional health system ticking over.” Mr. Abbott said.

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