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South Australia Shadow Minister for Water Security Mitch Williams

Labor’s Incompetence Costs South Australians

Victor P Taffa

Delay on the Desalination Plant will mean even higher water prices for South Australians.

Shadow Minister for Water Security, Mitch Williams said today the incompetence of the Rann Labor Government had led to further delays and that South Australians were set to slugged with rapidly increasing water prices.

“SA Water Account Holders can expect even further rises to their water bills as the cost of the $2.2 Billion Desalination is recouped.” Mr. Williams said.

“Add to that the annual maintenance and operating contract for the desalination plant of $130 Million per year for 20 years whether the plant produces water or not.”

“It was recently revealed that despite water bills already doubling over the past two years SA water users’ bills will have to cover the almost $26 Million that SA Water spent on consultancy fees last year and the $570,000 salary paid to the SA Water CEO.” Mr. Williams said.

“It is outrageous that South Australian families and businesses have to pay for exorbitant salaries, dubious consultancies and the mismanagement of SA Water under this Government.”

“The Rann Labor Government has treated SA Water like a cash cow and now taxpayers face further delay and even more cost blow outs on the project.” Mr. Williams said.

“Almost nine years of the Rann Labor Government has seen SA become the highest taxed state in the nation hampering our ability to be competitive on the national stage.”

“The arrogance and incompetence of SA Labor has left SA with no direction and burdened with debt.” Mr. Williams said.


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