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Western Australia Minister for Road Safety Rob Johnson

State Budget 2010-11:

Strong Budget Foundation Increases Funding For Road Safety To Reduce Death And Serious Injury On WA Roads

Victor P Taffa

The State Government will continue its commitment to the world-leading Towards Zero road safety strategy through the 2010-11 Road Trauma Trust Fund (RTTF) budget, Road Safety Minister Rob Johnson announced today.

Mr. Johnson said road safety was a priority for the Government working with the community, and an additional $23.2 Million had been allocated in this year’s Budget to further the aims of Towards Zero.

“Each of the Road Trauma Trust Fund-funded road safety projects have been prioritised according to the safe system approach.” the Minister said.


“That means funds will be used to help ensure we have safer drivers travelling at safer speeds in safer vehicles on safer roads as outlined in the strategy.”

The Minister said funding would also focus on a combination of community education, community engagement and enforcement activities.

Highlights of the 2010-11 RTTF budget include:

  • Safe Speeds – $1.5 Million has been allocated for the speeding community education program and $70,000 to complete the trial of Intelligent Speed Adaptation technology that advises drivers of any speed zone changes;
  • Safe Vehicles – Safety features of vehicles and the promotion of the star rating system for vehicle safety to the community will continue with $900,000 allocated to the Safer Vehicles project.  The Safe Vehicles initiatives in Towards Zero have the potential to save 2,900 people from being killed or seriously injured over the life of the strategy;
  • Safe Roads and Roadsides – Main Roads WA has been granted a further $500,000 to continue the Crash Tool Redevelopment project to analyse crashes on the road network and consider counter-measure scenarios;
  • Safe Road Use – The Strategic Traffic Enforcement project will receive $1.5 Million to continue to enhance traffic enforcement above current levels throughout Western Australia using an improved intelligence-led process co-ordinated by Police central traffic, in partnership with Regional Police.

Mr. Johnson said major community education campaigns such as drink and drug driving; fatigue, restraints, Road Sense and driver distraction would also receive a total of about $4 Million in 2010-11, reflecting the growing diversity of factors that contributed to crashes on WA roads.

A further $2 Million would be allocated to Road Aware, the school road safety education program, continuing to expand curriculum materials and training for children, young people, teachers and parents.

The WA Local Government Association has been granted $2.75 Million to continue its Roadwise program to educate the community throughout WA and to support the Road Safety Council community road safety grants program.

The Office of Road Safety will also receive $400,000 to continue to lead the successful Road Safety Partnership Program, which involves private and public organisations working together to promote the shared responsibility of road safety.


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