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Northern Territory Chief Minister Terry Mills

Northern Territory Minister for Women’s Policy Alison Anderson

Chief Minister’s Scholarships For Women

Victor P Taffa

Territory women are encouraged to apply now for the 2013 Chief Minister’s Scholarships for Women with applications closing on Friday 8 March.

Chief Minister Terry Mills said the Territory Government is pleased to be providing avenues to improve the long term economic security of Territory women.

Research shows that the higher a woman’s post-secondary school qualifications, the better positioned she will be in securing full time employment and financial independence.

“The scholarships assist women who would not be able to undertake study without financial assistance.” Chief Minister Mills said.

“Three scholarships are on offer with one for higher education students and two for Vocational Education and Training students.”


Minister for Women’s Policy Alison Anderson is also encouraging Territory women to apply for the scholarships.

“This Scholarship Program is a great initiative to enable Territory women to enhance their education or practical skills.”

“Completing Higher Education or Vocational Education does not only open up opportunities for increased earnings, it can also provide opportunities for enhanced life experience and financial autonomy for women.” Ms. Anderson said.

The higher education scholarship totals $15,000 plus $1,200 towards a laptop computer and the VET scholarships are $2,000 each. They are available to women studying at Charles Darwin University or the Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education.


NT Minister for Women's Policy Alison Anderson

NT Minister for Women’s Policy Alison Anderson









Applicants must have lived in the Territory for at least 12 months and have an intention to use their qualifications and skills in the Territory.


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