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Victoria Deputy Premier Peter Ryan

Victoria Minister for Police and Emergency Services Peter Ryan

Over 20,000 ‘Hoon’ Vehicles Impounded

Victor P Taffa

Tough new laws targeting ‘hoon’ drivers have led to a significant increase in vehicle impoundments, sending a strong message that Victorians will no longer tolerate dangerous and anti-social driving behaviour.

Deputy Premier and Minister for Police and Emergency Services Peter Ryan joined Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Bob Hill at Laverton North today to announce the impoundment of more than 20,000 vehicles since the start of the hoon impoundment scheme in 2006.

“Hoon behaviour, including high-level speeding, poses a significant road safety risk and is something the Victorian Coalition Government, Victoria Police and road safety partners have been working hard to stamp out.” Mr. Ryan said.

“Since tough new laws were introduced targeting hoon driving offences in 2011, the number of vehicle impoundments has increased by approximately 20 % to more than 4,140 compared with the previous financial year.

“Offenders who have their vehicles impounded incur significant costs to obtain the vehicle’s release, as well as pay penalties and incur demerit points in relation to the offences committed.”

“In certain circumstances offender’s vehicles can be sold or disposed of with the proceeds going towards the cost of the program or other road safety measures.”

Mr. Ryan said under the new laws Police could impound vehicles for 30 days and extend this period further for repeat offenders.

“Young males make up 96 % of hoon drivers, with the top three offences resulting in vehicle impoundment, excessive speed (45 km per hour or more over the speed limit); improper use of motor vehicle (loss of traction offences); and driving whilst disqualified or suspended.” Mr. Ryan said.

“The most common types of vehicles impounded include Holdens, Fords, Nissans, Toyotas and Hondas, and the areas of greatest concern include the Police Service Areas of Hume, Brimbank and Greater Dandenong.”

Mr. Ryan said Victoria had experienced a horror stretch on the state’s roads with 20 fatalities on the roads so far in October and encouraged anyone using a motor vehicle to consider the safety of themselves and others.

“This is the sort of loss and heartache we want to avoid. The Coalition Government is working to drive down the road toll and will soon release details of a new 10-year road safety strategy for Victoria that will underpin new measures to improve the safety of the state’s road network.” Mr. Ryan said.


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