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Western Australia Minister for Lands Brendon Grylls

Alkimos Regional City Moves Closer Under Liberal-National Government

Victor P Taffa

Western Australia Minister for Lands Brendon Grylls today advanced the regional city of Alkimos, a project expected to provide homes for 50,000 people a step closer to fruition.

Alkimos, a proposed new coastal city, 40 km north of Perth and championed by the Court Government from 1993, would be developed by the Liberal-National Government over 25 years.

It would include a major regional town centre, a coastal village, regional beach, substantial public open space and a range of social and community infrastructure.




Mr. Grylls said the State Government had prioritised the Alkimos development after it had stalled under Labor and today announced Delfin Lend Lease as the preferred proponent for LandCorp’s development partner.

“The initial 224-hectare stage of urban-zoned land in the Alkimos Eglinton area will be developed by Delfin Lend Lease, a company which has for more than three decades created residential communities across Australia.” Mr. Grylls said.

“There are more than 100,000 people living in Delfin Lend Lease communities so this company brings great community development experience to the Alkimos project.”

“Negotiations with Delfin Lend Lease were expected to commence immediately and be completed within the next few months.”

Preferred proponent status permitted LandCorp to finalise negotiations for an agreement to develop the land. Mirvac and the Satterley Alkimos Consortium were appointed as reserve proponents.

“If negotiations with Delfin Lend Lease prove unsuccessful, negotiations would be started with Mirvac and Satterley to enable the project to advance.” the Minister said.

Delfin Lend Lease was chosen from an initial 10 applications in a process begun in November 2008, when LandCorp sought proposals for a development partner.

A rigorous and thorough assessment process to select the preferred proponent followed the short listing of applicants last February, with each step overseen by a panel, including external consultants and an independent probity auditor.


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