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Western Australia Minister for Police Rob Johnson

New State-Of-The-Art Police Station For South Hedland

Victor P Taffa

A new $17.7 Million Police Station in South Hedland will significantly boost the efforts of local Police in their crackdown on crime, anti-social behaviour and speeding motorists.

Police Minister Rob Johnson and Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan officially opened the new facility which followed the opening of the $17.5 Million Pilbara Police Complex.

Mr. Johnson said as mining activity in the region continued to expand, it was important for Policing services to keep up with population growth and community expectations.

“The new station in South Hedland will ensure Police have the resources and equipment they need to fight crime, support the community and ensure that the busy highways in this area are safe for all road users.” the Minister said.


“The station houses general duties, traffic enforcement, detectives, prosecuting officers and a modern forensics laboratory. It also contains public and offender interview rooms, a major incident command room, dedicated armoury and custodial facility with six cells, including one padded cell.”

“A Police Domestic Violence Co-ordinator and a Department of Child Protection officer will also be based at the station to provide closer monitoring of domestic violence cases in the community.”

“The upgrade of communication and computer systems also means information can be used to its maximum potential and Police resources can be dispatched quickly, which can be a challenge in regional areas.” the Minister said.

“This new station highlights the Liberal-National Government’s continued delivery of better law and order services throughout the State.”

The Minister praised the efforts of local officers for their proactive approach to policing in the region through a number of targeted operations on anti-social behaviour, thefts and traffic enforcement.

“The new facilities and equipment at the station will help local Police continue the excellent work they have been doing to protect the community in this region.” the Minister said.

The South Hedland Police Station operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week and also provides Policing services for Port Hedland when that station is unattended.


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