15 Representatives Meet For Beef Industry Roundtable

15 Representatives Meet For Beef Industry Roundtable

Northern Territory Minister for Primary Industry and Resources Ken Vowles

Beef Industry Roundtable To Prepare For The Future

Victor P Taffa

Minister for Primary Industry and Resources, Ken Vowles, will today hold a Beef Industry Roundtable to help steer the sector through future market challenges, and create more jobs in one of the Territory’s most successful sectors.

Minister Vowles, who will chair the meeting, said given the recent closure of AACo’s Livingstone abattoir, the roundtable will be a chance for industry to discuss the future.

“Our cattle industry and related services are a huge contributor to the Territory’s economy the NT Cattlemen’s Association values them at $1 Billion annually and the buffalo industry is growing exponentially with almost 10,000 exported last financial year.” Minister Vowles said.

“Northern Territory Government is supporting both industries and this roundtable means I can hear from stakeholders directly, and stakeholders can hear from each other.”

Roundtable will include 15 representatives from:

  • NT Cattlemen’s Association,
  • NT Live Exporters Association,
  • NT Road Transport Association,
  • NT Buffalo Industry Council,
  • Department of Primary Industry and Resources,
  • Department of Environmental and Natural Resources
  • Four of the big cattle producers.

“With all these key stakeholders at the table, we will zero in on how we can work together to strengthen our position and create new opportunities.” Minister Vowles said.

“We will discuss a range of topics, from processing and export to growing our markets.”

“There is a great future for Territory beef and buffalo, including a range of emerging live export markets in Asia, such as Thailand, the Philippines and China.”

“Working together, and building on industry strengths and knowledge, will help secure a bright future for these industries and boost jobs and productivity across the Territory.” Minister Vowles said.



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