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Victoria Shadow Minister for Local Government Jeanette Powell

Brumby Should Fully Support Councils To Rebuild After Floods

Victor P Taffa

The Brumby Government should consult with Local Councils affected by the September floods and immediately provide full support and assistance to rebuild damaged roads, bridges and other public assets, Shadow Minister for Local Government Jeanette Powell said today.

“Victoria’s 15 Flood-Affected Councils are struggling to cope with the enormous financial task of replacing and rebuilding damaged assets.” Mrs. Powell said.

“Works include repairing flood-damaged roads, repairing and replacing damaged and collapsed bridges, replacing road barriers, removing trees and clearing drains.”

Mrs. Powell said the Millions of Dollars being spent by Local Councils on Emergency Works was not budgeted, and therefore caused concern among some affected Councils.

“Just like on bushfire safety measures and roadside weed control, Premier John Brumby is loading up councils with extra responsibilities but not providing them with the money they need.” Mrs. Powell said.

“The current emergency and recovery efforts are putting a huge dent in council budgets and councils need urgent support from the Brumby Government.”

VIC Shadow Minister for Local Government Jeanette Powell

VIC Shadow Minister for Local Government Jeanette Powell









“Many flood-affected councils do not have the economic capacity or resources to complete the recovery effort on their own, and they need to know how much compensation they will receive from the Brumby Government and when they will receive it.”

Mrs. Powell said councils faced serious long-term financial sustainability issues after having their resources sapped by a decade of drought and the terrible bushfires of 2009.

“John Brumby must step in and provide the support and assistance these councils need to repair their Public Infrastructure.” Mrs. Powell said.


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