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Victoria Shadow Treasurer Michael O’Brien

New Taxes. The Only Labor Promise You Can Believe

Victor P Taffa

Another day, another Premier Daniel Andrews election promise to be paid for by new taxes, Shadow Treasurer Michael O’Brien said.

Today’s election promise of new level crossing removals which is scheduled for 7 years away is silent on how it will be paid for.

Victorians are already doing it tough with cost of living pressures and can’t afford to be slugged with more Labor taxes to pay for Labor’s unfunded election promises.

“Despite repeated questioning by the media, Treasurer Tim Pallas has refused to rule out new taxes.” Shadow Treasurer O’Brien said.

Victorians have learnt the hard way how Premier Daniel Andrews makes Victorians pay.

On the night before the 2014 election, Daniel Andrews was interviewed on Seven News by Peter Mitchell.

Peter Mitchell:

“Daniel Andrews, all the polls say you will be Victoria’s next Premier. If you are, do you promise Victorians here tonight that you will not increase taxes or introduce any new taxes?”

Daniel Andrews:

“I make that promise, Peter, to every single Victorian.”

Since then, Daniel Andrews and Tim Pallas have announced 12 new or increased taxes:

  1. New city access tax for West Gate Tunnel
  2. Tripled brown coal royalties
  3. Introduced Uber and taxi fare taxes
  4. Increased stamp duty on new cars
  5. New stamp duty on off-the-plan purchasers
  6. New so-called ‘vacant home’ tax
  7. New annual property valuations to increase land tax
  8. New stamp duty on property transfers between spouses
  9. New point of consumption gambling tax
  10. New land tax surcharge (subsequently tripled) for absentee owners
  11. New stamp duty surcharge (subsequently increased) for foreign purchasers
  12. Increased fire services property levy

Under Daniel Andrews, the annual Victorian state tax take has increased by $6.2 Billion. This represents a 35% tax increase.

Victoria is now the highest taxing state in Australia.

“Only thing worse for taxpayers than an Andrews Labor Government is an Andrews Labor/Greens Coalition Government.” Shadow Treasurer O’Brien said.

Tasmania saw how a Labor/Greens Coalition Government failed Tasmanians.

Victoria State Election will be held on 24 November 2018.


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