12 Additional Paramedics To Be Recruited In 2019

12 Additional Paramedics To Be Recruited In 2019

Tasmania Minister for Health Michael Ferguson

Employing More Regional Paramedics

Victor P Taffa

Hodgman Government is employing 42 new paramedics in rural and regional areas of Tasmania, with recruitment for the first 6 positions beginning in the coming weeks.

“We have allocated $14.9 Million for the progressive recruitment of the 42 paramedics, with 3 branch station officer team leaders in the South, North and North-West, as well as 3 extra paramedics at the Wynyard Ambulance Station to be employed this financial year.” Minister for Health Michael Ferguson said.

Paramedic Recruitment In 2019

Minister Ferguson said additional Paramedics will be employed at:

  • 3 Paramedics in Dodges Ferry,
  • 3 Paramedics in Bicheno,
  • 3 Paramedics in Deloraine,
  • 3 Paramedics in St. Helens.

Over the remaining 4 years, a further 24 paramedics will be recruited to regional areas across the state.

This is part of the Tasmanian Government’s $125 Million plan to boost ambulance services over the next 5-and-a-half years to keep rural and regional communities safe and make Tasmanians’ lives better.

These additional paramedics will also reduce fatigue, increase ambulance responsiveness and reduce overtime costs.

“Our strong investment in ambulance services is already paying off, with response times in Tasmanian coming down over the past year, at the same time as a growing number of responses.” Minister Ferguson said.

“This is a real improvement in our service meaning that ambulances are getting to people who need it in an emergency in less time than before.”

Department of Health Annual Report showed median emergency response times were 12.8 minutes statewide in 2017-18 the lowest since 2014-15, with a reduction in all areas of Tasmania over the past year, despite increasing demand.

Ambulance Tasmania has attended more than 10,000 additional responses in 2017-18 compared to 3 years ago.

“In our first term of Government, we added an extra crew in the South, North and North-West of the state.” Minister Ferguson said.

Hodgman Government Health Targets Include:

  •  Reducing emergency ambulance response times to national average waiting time by 2025
  • Reducing smoking rates to below the national average by 2025, and halve the gap between State and national youth smoking rates (for under 25’s)
  • Reducing Tasmania’s rate of obesity to below the national average by 2025
  • A 20% reduction in the suicide rate by 2022
  • 90% of Tasmanians being treated within clinically recommended timeframes for their elective surgery by the end of the next 4-year term of Government
  • 90% of emergency presentations being in and out of the Emergency Department within 4 hours by 2022