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Western Australia Minister for Tourism Elizabeth Constable

State Budget 2010-11: New Strategy And Focus For Tourism In Western Australia

Victor P Taffa

Western Australia Minister for Tourism Liz Constable has outlined a new strategic direction for Tourism WA, marking a significant and positive change to the agency’s areas of focus and operation.






To help ensure the State Government’s contribution to the growth of the tourism industry in Western Australia is maximised, Tourism WA will sharpen its focus by:

  • Increasing the resources dedicated to marketing WA as a tourism destination;
  • Placing greater emphasis on event development and event marketing;
  • Concentrating on promoting investment and significant infrastructure projects across the State, through greater collaboration and consultation across other Government agencies and departments.

Dr. Constable said the future plans for Tourism WA had been supported by additional State Government funding of $12.4 Million over the next three years.

“This funding has been approved to enable Tourism WA to transform and refocus, and is evidence of the commitment and support we have for stronger tourism outcomes for the State.” the Minister said.

“The board of Tourism WA has provided a strategic framework to achieve greater impact for tourism in WA that will drive increased economic contribution to the State beyond the current $7.3 Billion value tourism now contributes.”

Along with the increased State Budget funding and the clear strategic areas of focus for the State’s tourism organisation, there will be significant changes in the size and structure of Tourism WA.

“The changes will ensure funding can be directed toward marketing, events, and greater cross-Governmental activity with less spent on operational expenses.” the Minister said.

Dr. Constable said a review of the regional office network for Tourism WA would result in a transition from seven Tourism WA regional offices by the end of this year to representation through other Government agencies.  These agencies are already active in the regions, including the Department of Regional Development and Lands, the Regional Development Commissions and the Small Business Development Corporation.  Tourism WA will continue support for the regional tourism industry through these existing offices.

“Discussions will be held with the regional development commissions in the coming weeks about the transition and collaboration required for specific regional projects.” the Minister said.

“Many of our extraordinary tourism experiences are in regional areas of the State. Tourism WA will continue to conduct significant marketing activity to drive visitors toward regional operators, and the relationships and funding that Tourism WA has in place with the regional tourism organisations will continue as they are now.”

Recognising WA’s strong international visitor Regional Development Commissions and the Small Business Development Corporation growth in recent years, Tourism WA will maintain its international marketing presence.

“I am pleased that funding arrangements announced today and the strategic direction presented to me by the board of Tourism WA will meet the Government’s desire for increased competiveness and viability of the WA tourism industry.” the Minister said. 


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