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Western Australia Minister for Agriculture and Food Terry Redman

State Budget 2010-11: Strong Commitment For The Livestock Industry

Victor P Taffa

Agriculture and Food Minister Terry Redman today confirmed a strong intention to support Western Australia’s livestock industry with the provision of $11.3 Million for industry development and innovation.

“We need to underpin this $2 Billion industry and help industry seize upon opportunities to grow.” Mr. Redman said.

The State Government has committed $21.5 Million to help progress the State’s saleyard strategy.

“The regional saleyard strategy is a key priority of Government.” Mr. Redman said.



Following the recent opening of state-of-the-art livestock selling centre at Muchea, the Government will assess options for the most effective provision of primary regional saleyards for Western Australia.

Another key priority of Government is to support strategies arising from the recent WA Beef Stocktake.

The Government will initially commit $600,000 towards key supply chain, processing and farm business analysis work to support the WA beef industry.

Other major initiatives in the livestock industry include:

  • Supporting the sheep industry to increase lamb supply through improvements in productivity, more effective pasture systems and reduced labour intensive sheep systems;
  • Benchmarking and farm systems analysis to support sheep and cattle producers to measure and improve their bottom line financial performance;
  • Red tape reduction and process clarification for land and infrastructure planning applications for livestock industry expansions;
  • Addressing livestock infrastructure requirements in the pastoral region of the State to allow expansion and increased productivity in cattle.

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