$103 Million Tourism Stimulus Package To Be Rolled Out By Northern Territory Govt

$103 Million Tourism Stimulus Package To Be Rolled Out By Northern Territory Govt

Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner

Record Investment To Turbocharge Territory Tourism

Victor P Taffa

Northern Territory Government is rolling out a record $103 Million tourism stimulus package to attract more visitors, create local jobs and put more money into the pockets of Territorians.

Announcing the package at his annual ‘The Year Ahead’ speech, Chief Minister Michael Gunner said it will deliver more marketing, new tourism infrastructure and improve existing festivals and events.

“Creating local jobs is my number one priority and this plan to turbocharge tourism is a serious show of support for local business.” Chief Minister Gunner said.

“I will move heaven and earth to support Territory business during this tough economic period that is my message to them.”

“We know that spending more on tourism including on marketing and product development brings more people to the Territory.” Chief Minister Gunner said.

“That’s more people filling seats on planes, sleeping in our hotels, eating in our restaurants, spending in our shops and going on tours. And that means more money in Territorians’ pockets.”

Chief Minister Gunner said the tourism industry supports thousands of small and medium businesses and over 17,000 direct and indirect jobs across many sectors including hospitality, retail, arts and culture and transport.

With the INPEX Ichthys project winding down, Government is focused on finding sustainable ways to stimulate the economy and grow jobs.

Starting immediately and rolling out over this and the next financial year the package will deliver:

  • $26.57 Million for smarter and more targeted tourism marketing, allowing us to better promote our attractions, roll out marketing campaigns with key airlines, target niche markets and lure lucrative business events here.
  • $56.24 Million for new tourism infrastructure creating more memorable experiences for our visitors, particularly in our parks and reserves.
  • $20.78 Million to enhance our existing festivals, events and other tourism offerings to cement the Territory’s reputation as a vibrant, exciting place to live, work and visit.

$26.57 Million for marketing is expected to generate a $345 Million return on investment over the next 2 years, and longer term, directly into the Northern Territory economy and support thousands of jobs.

Chief Minister Gunner said he and Tourism Minister Lauren Moss have listened to tourism and business leaders.

“We have listened and taken decisive action when you invest more in tourism, you bring new money into the Territory economy and that’s good for business. This injection is on top of our existing investment into tourism marketing and enhancing our visitor offerings.” Minister Moss said.

Minister Moss said that it provided an immediate boost to the tourism industry and local businesses ahead of other major investments that will also attract people, create jobs and stimulate the economy. These include:

  • $100 Million Arts Trail initiative,
  • $100 Million Darwin CBD revitalisation,
  • $90 Million Alice Springs investments,
  • CBD revitalisation,
  • National Aboriginal Art Gallery and Cultural Centre.