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Western Australia Minister for Planning John Day

Solar Installation Starts New Era At Midland

Victor P Taffa

Western Australia’s first creative industries centre the Midland Atelier is producing its own power, 100 years after the historic Midland Railway Workshops generated its own electricity.

Planning Minister John Day today flicked the first switch in the Pattern Shop at the former Midland Railway Workshops, powered by 201 Sun Power solar panels.

“In the early 1900’s the workshops generated their own power and now this tradition has re-emerged with a clean green, sustainable theme.” Mr. Day said.

“This project shows us how seemingly incompatible things like art, urban planning and energy conservation can work together for the benefit of our community.”




Midland Atelier’s solar installation will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 94 tonnes per year, roughly equivalent to burning 56 barrels of oil, or taking 30 cars off Perth’s roads.

It is the second of five solar installations under the Perth Solar City project, jointly funded by the Midland Redevelopment Authority and the Commonwealth-funded Solar Cities program.

The Pattern Shop is the core of the work area, where wood, furniture and object design facilities are used daily by artists.  Additional stages will be developed in surrounding buildings, including the Foundry

“Once fully developed, the former workshops’ site will include more than 200 new apartments and terrace homes; adjacent dress-circle housing; the creative industries centre; a major hospital; Super GP Clinic and allied health services; and major tertiary education providers, cafes and commercial outlets in and around the site’s heritage heart.” the Minister said.

“The redevelopment of the Midland Railway Workshops is important to the Midland community as it has been such a big part of many people’s lives here.”

“We all want to see the workshops not only restored, but active and once again contributing to the local community and economy.” Mr. Day said.

The Midland Atelier solar system has a 25-year life and is part of a broader community initiative to change the way people think about energy.

Perth Solar City gives residents of Perth’s Eastern Region the opportunity to learn more about the way they use and can save energy.


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