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The Southern Thunderer First Published Online On 14 October 2009

Victor P Taffa

Today Monday 14 October, 2019 The Southern Thunderer celebrates 10 years of online publication and we would like to thank all the readers from across Australia and around the world that have consistently logged onto The Southern Thunderer and kept up-to-date with the news.

The Southern Thunderer having celebrated 10 years of online publication, looks forward to the next 10 years.


Good Reasons To Invest In TST

Daily Statistics and Monthly Statistics illustrates why TST is good value for money to advertise in.

Leaderboard and Medium Rectangle Advertising opportunities provides good value for your advertising budget. All pricing is listed in the Advertise Page.

  • TST as a Public Company on the ASX will provide a good ROI for shareholders.
  • TST is an online newspaper only and will list as a media stock.
  • TST began on 14 October 2009.
  • TST Business Registered Name is owned by Editor Victor P Taffa
  • TST Trademark is owned by Editor Victor P Taffa


ASX Listing Requirements

According the ASX Website some of the ASX Listing Requirements include:

Admission Requirement       General Requirement

Number of shareholders          Minimum 300 non-affiliated investors @ A$2,000

Free float                                20%

Company Size

Profit Test

A$1 Million aggregated profit from continuing operations over past 3 years + A$500,000 consolidated profit from continuing operations over the last 12 months


Assets Test

A$4 Million net tangible assets or A$15 Million market capitalisation

Spread Of Shareholders

  • Your company must have at least 300 non-affiliated shareholders with holdings valued at a minimum of $2,000 each.
  • You do not need to have the required spread or free float before the listing application is made. The approval for listing is granted subject to the company meeting the shareholder spread requirement through the offer of shares associated with the listing application.

Working Capital

  • No working capital is required if you are seeking admission under the Profit test

These are a brief overview of ASX Listing Requirements.

All monies from non-affiliated shareholders will be held in an account and used solely for the purposes of ASX Listing. TST will form a Company and will have a Board.

Ongoing Reporting

ASX has certain ongoing reporting requirements. Given that Annual, Monthly and Daily stats are published in TST, this requirement will not be a problem.


TST Advertising

Since 14 October 2009 TST Advertise Page has contained advertising rates for businesses to advertise in TST. Advertisements that appear in TST are through Google Adsense that earns TST 2 cents per click.

Directly advertising through TST enables 100% of revenue to flow into TST.

However, as TST is almost 10 years old and format of content that is published has improved, businesses and single investors will find it better value for money to invest in TST and have TST listed on the ASX.

Media Stock always holds their value on the ASX and TST will provide a good ROI for all shareholders.

Editor Victor P Taffa has previously owned shares.



TST                 The Southern Thunderer

ROI                 Return on Investment

ASX                Australian Stock Exchange


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