10 Parties Now Registered For ACT Election

10 Parties Now Registered For ACT Election

Polling Day Saturday 15 October 2016

Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Electoral Commissioner Phillip Green

Animal Justice Party Officially Registered For 2016 ACT Legislative Assembly Election

Victor P Taffa

The Animal Justice Party has officially been entered on the register of political parties in the ACT and is now eligible to nominate candidates for the 15 October 2016 ACT Legislative Assembly election,  ACT Electoral Commissioner, Phillip Green said.

The registration takes effect from, 8 July 2016.

“Parties wishing to register for ACT elections must submit a list of at least 100 members and a copy of the party’s constitution to the Electoral Commissioner. Registered political parties are able to list their party name or their abbreviated name on ballot papers and receive public funding of election expenses.”

The deadline to lodge new applications for party registration in time to run candidates at the 2016 ACT election passed at midnight on 30 June 2016.

Two further political party registration applications, one from The Flux Party – ACT and one from Canberra Community Voters, are currently within the period for public objection.

There are currently ten political parties registered to contest the October 2016 election:

  • Animal Justice Party
  • Australian Labor Party (ACT Branch)
  • Australian Sex Party ACT
  • Liberal Democratic Party
  • Liberal Party of Australia (A. C. T. Division)
  • Like Canberra
  • Sustainable Australia (ACT)
  • The ACT Greens
  • The Community Alliance Party (ACT)
  • VoteCanberra