Yell For Cadel

Yell For Cadel

Victoria Premier Ted Baillieu

Premier Thanks Victorians For Happy Cadel Celebration

Victor P Taffa

Premier Ted Baillieu has thanked all Victorians for their support for Australia Congratulates Cadel, the event held in Melbourne today to celebrate the achievements of Australia’s first-ever Tour de France winner Cadel Evans.

“The sight and sound of an estimated 25,000 people in St. Kilda Road and Federation Square to yell for Cadel made this a truly wonderful day.” Premier Baillieu said.

“This was a marvellous outpouring of support and I would like to thank Victorians and those who travelled from afar to show Cadel, his wife Chiara, his family and team how much Cadel’s achievement meant to Victorians.”

“Cadel made a special trip home just for this event and I was delighted to see such a happy crowd and Cadel’s broad smile today.”

Today’s celebration included:

  • The crowd waving 10,000 “yell for Cadel” hand wavers;
  • 18,000 free signed Cadel postcards being distributed;
  • A giant yellow Australia Congratulates Cadel jersey being rolled out over the crowd at Federation Square;
  • A special hand-crafted crystal glass trophy from the people of Victoria being presented to Cadel at Federation Square;
  • Cadel being accompanied on his ride by Team Cadel 20 young cyclists who were chosen by ballot at the Victorian Junior Road Cycling Championships in Wangaratta last weekend;
  •  including a video message from Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

“This happy event gave all Australians a chance to celebrate the greatest-ever sporting victory by an Australian and the Victorian Coalition Government was proud to support it.” Premier Baillieu said.