When The Health System Is Not Designed To Determine Public Elections

When The Health System Is Not Designed To Determine Public Elections

Labor Highjacks Democracy In Newcastle

Victor P Taffa Candidate For Newcastle 26 March 2011

Victor P Taffa

Editor Victor P Taffa will contest the New South Wales Seat of Newcastle at the 26 March 2011 Elections.

The use and abuse of the Health System for Political Purposes is NOT the way in which to attempt to legitimise the dumping of Former MP Bryce Gaudry and the installation of the current MP.

The current Member for Newcastle was parachuted in from the Media and according to many Novocastrians stands NO chance of re-endorsement if the Local Labor Branches determine Pre-selection.

Once again a former great Political Party that stood for something will simply highjack democracy and most likely simply install the current MP as the Labor Candidate for Newcastle in 2011.

The New South Wales Police was NOT invented to STOP people from standing for Parliament as was the New South Wales Department of Health.

The Labor Party has spent the whole of 2010 harassing Editor Victor P Taffa although this harassment stretches back a lot longer than that because of support for Railway and Tramway expansion.

Other excuses such as “The Royal family doesn’t want you in Parliament” are again a load of claptrap in the same way that some people assert that Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott would “Embarrass us if he ever met the Queen.”

What should be noted is that Former New South Wales Premier Carr kicked the NSW Governor out of Government House in 1999 as a payback for the actions of Former NSW Governor Sir Philip Game in sacking then NSW Premier Jack Lang.

Shame on the Labor Party and the good and decent people of New South Wales will pass judgement on 26 March 2011 and Editor Victor P Taffa will publish The Southern Thunderer long into the future and contest the Seat of Newcastle in 2011.

Retail Giant David Jones should also NOT be forced out of Newcastle caused by the actions of the Labor Party and Developer GPT.