Weak Sentencing Laws Exposed

Weak Sentencing Laws Exposed

Queensland Shadow Minister for Justice & Corrective Services Jarrod Bleijie

Prison Report Shows Labor’s System is Broken

Victor P Taffa

Labor’s Weak Sentencing Laws have been exposed in the latest ABS report, the State Opposition said today.

The ABS report released yesterday showed that over the last decade fewer offenders were being sent to jail.  Another gravely concerning statistic was convicted criminals had spent on average less than 1 ½ years in jail.

“This report has again made very clear Labor’s Woefully Inadequate Sentencing laws.” Queensland Shadow Minister for Corrective Services Jarrod Bleijie said today.

“Whilst other states were toughening up sentencing laws, Queensland’s imprisonment rate declined over the last decade.”


“Queenslanders should be horrified to know that the average prisoner’s expected time to serve or earliest release date, was less than a year and a half.” Mr. Bleijie said.

“How any hardened criminals could be rehabilitated in that period is beyond belief, particularly when we know the waiting time to get on many Rehab Programs in prison is up to 18 months to 2 years.” Mr. Bleijie said.

“The LNP wants Queenslanders to feel safe and know that our State’s Legal System will protect them. Labor is failing to Protect Queenslanders.” Mr. Bleijie said.

“Queensland has the third worst return-to-prison rate in Australia. Is it any wonder that 63 % of Queensland Prisoners had a known Prior Imprisonment.” Mr. Bleijie said.

“Queensland needs a renewed emphasis on evidence based rehabilitation and reform that restores offender accountability.” Mr. Bleijie said.

An LNP Government would overhaul our State’s Justice System by strengthening sentencing laws and ensure a prison system that is committed to rehabilitation and reform.