WA Farmers Looked After By State Government

WA Farmers Looked After By State Government

Acting Western Australia Premier Kim Hames

Western Australia Minister for Agriculture & Food Terry Redman

Funding To Help Carnarvon Growers Get Back To Business

Victor P Taffa

The State Government has set up a $3 Million fund to help Carnarvon Growers return to Production.

Acting Premier Kim Hames said the Carnarvon Region was a major supplier of fruit and vegetables for West Australians and it was imperative growers received help to return to production as soon as possible.

“This will help ensure that WA consumers will be supplied with fresh fruit and vegetables from the area for the coming winter.” Dr. Hames said.



“These funds will assist growers to access and spread soil on their plantations, which were stripped of topsoil as a result of the floods. Landholders will also be able to access funds to repair their main water tank used for irrigation.” Dr. Hames said.

The assistance is in addition to funds already available for growers under Western Australian Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements.

Agriculture and Food Minister Terry Redman said the scale of erosion damage varied widely between plantations.

“The Government recognises the urgency for growers to be able to plant their vegetable seedlings to reach market by winter.” Mr. Redman said.

“Some growers have been able to bounce back quickly and get in-season crops such as mangoes to market.”

“Sadly, for other growers, the damage on their plantations has been severe and recovery will take months.” Mr. Redman said.

The $3 Million Scheme will be administered through the Department of Agriculture and Food.

“The Department this week opened one topsoil pit at the west end of North River Road and another two sites are expected to open soon.” Mr. Redman said.

Dr. Hames and Mr. Redman recognised the work of MPs Vince Catania and Ken Baston in assisting people living locally to deal with the flood disaster.

Growers can register for an on-property assessment for grant eligibility by contacting the department’s Gascoyne Research Station on 9956 3333. Contact hours have been extended to 7 am to 5 pm weekdays and 9 am to 3 pm on weekends.

WA Minister for Agriculture & Food Terry Redman

WA Minister for Agriculture & Food Terry Redman