Victoria Is A Welcoming State To Live In

Victoria Is A Welcoming State To Live In

Victoria Minister for Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship Nicholas Kotsiras

Coalition Government Welcomes Multicultural Policy

Victor P Taffa

Minister for Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship Nicholas Kotsiras today welcomed the Federal Government’s announcement of its multicultural policy, the People of Australia.

“The Federal Government has finally decided to play catch up with what we are doing in Victoria. We look forward to working with the Federal Government in strengthening our community and meeting the needs of all Victorians.” Mr. Kotsiras said.

“It is heartening to see the word ‘multiculturalism’ find its way back into the Federal Government’s lexicon.”

“I would like to commend the Australian Multicultural Advisory Council’s work in making its recommendations in April 2010, and the Federal Government in supporting, or supporting in principle the Council’s original ten recommendations.” Mr. Kotsiras said.

Mr. Kotsiras said it was encouraging to see the Federal Government finally making commitments to a range of initiatives, including:

  •  Establishing an independent champion for multiculturalism through the Australian Multicultural Council (AMC);
  • Strengthening the access and equity strategy including enabling the AMC to take on the lead role of monitoring and reporting on access and equity;
  • Providing the AMC with a research advisory role around multicultural policy;
  • Supporting cultural diversity celebrations and Harmony Day activities;
  • Policies to combat racism.

“Many of these initiatives are similar to what we are already doing in Victoria. However there needs to be adequate resources dedicated by the Federal Government.” Mr. Kotsiras said.

“For example, $500,000 over four years for multicultural arts and festivals grants across the nation will not be sufficient to meet the needs and aspirations of the People of Australia.”

“While Victoria leads the rest of the nation in multicultural affairs, it is heartening to see the Federal Government is dedicated to a country where all people are treated equally regardless of their cultural or religious background.” Mr. Kotsiras said.

“Our state has been enriched by our cultural diversity. Victoria’s multicultural society is and will remain one of our state’s greatest assets and strengths. We will continue to support our cultural, linguistic and religious diversity within the context of a shared commitment to Australia, its democratic institutions and the rule of law.” Mr. Kotsiras said.