Urban Renewal Authority Gets A New Name

Urban Renewal Authority Gets A New Name

Victoria Minister for Planning Matthew Guy

Baillieu Government Launches Places Victoria

Victor P Taffa

Planning Minister Matthew Guy today launched Victoria’s new urban renewal authority as Places Victoria.

The new authority is built from the former VicUrban structure with its board being announced last week and the appointment of Mr. Sam Sangster as CEO announced today.

Mr. Guy said the launch of Places Victoria was the fulfilment of a Baillieu Government commitment to place urban renewal at the forefront of managing Melbourne and Victoria’s future growth.

“Places Victoria will be at the forefront of delivering urban renewal across Victoria, but not just through new buildings but also through place making.” Mr. Guy said.

“It is essential we strive to improve liveability and continue a focus on building sustainable new communities which is what Places Victoria’s mandate is.”

“Places Victoria will also complete the delivery of Docklands, begin planning the new Fisherman’s Bend urban renewal precinct and focus on strategic renewal sites across Victoria such as central Wodonga.”

Mr. Guy said Places Victoria will have a strong focus on the building of places and communities, not just built form outcomes.

“Building and maintaining good liveability outcomes will be the number one goal of Places Victoria, not just building new buildings.” Mr. Guy said.

“The focus of Victoria’s new pre-eminent urban renewal authority on liveability and place making is an important step in ensuring Melbourne and Victoria is liveable and sustainable for the long term.” Mr. Guy said.