Unisex Toilets For Students

Unisex Toilets For Students

Tasmania Shadow Minister for Education Michael Ferguson

Parents Kept In The Dark Over Another Green-Labor ‘Experiment’

Victor P Taffa

Tasmanian school children have again been the focus of another Green-Labor experiment, this time over the installation of unisex toilets at two north-west primary schools.

The Green-Labor Government’s outright failure to consult with parents about the new toilet blocks highlights their complete and utter disconnect with the Tasmanian parent community according to Shadow Minister for Education Michael Ferguson.

“Tasmanian parents rightly expect that they be consulted about issues affecting the welfare of their children, and the Minister should have been in discussions with parents from day one.”

“While the Liberals are strongly against bullying in Tasmanian schools, it would be naïve of the Minister to think that simply installing unisex toilets in schools would combat the problem.” Mr. Ferguson said.


“Instead, the Green-Labor Government needs to deal consistently with bullying and bad behavior in schools in order to send a clear message that bullying is unacceptable.”

“The Liberals believe that parent engagement is an essential ingredient to education success but the Minister has failed at this most basic test.” Mr. Ferguson said.

“Mr. McKim now needs to ensure that parents’ concerns are treated seriously and that his department takes the necessary steps to have designation of male and female toilets fit with community standards.”

“Where is the Minister’s so-called “Parliamentary Secretary for Education” Mr. O’Halloran when his electorate needs him?” Mr. Ferguson asked.