Try Before You Buy

Try Before You Buy

South Australia Shadow Minister for Tourism Terry Stephens

Tourism Minister Rau Takes Media Holiday

Victor P Taffa

Labor’s Tourism Minister John Rau appears to have taken a media holiday at the same time the SA Visitor and Travel Centre has been privatised.

Labor has broken its 2002 promise of “no more privatisations” for a third time this year with the privatisation of the SA Visitor and Travel Centre.

“However, there are a number of questions that Mr Rau must answer in relation to the tender process for this privatisation.” Shadow Tourism Minister Terry Stephens said.

Those questions include:

  • Did Mr. Rau approve Labor’s latest privatisation?
  • Has Labor’s latest privatisation been transparent?
  • Does Mr. Rau concede Labor has yet again broken its “no more privatisations” promise?
  • Will Mr. Rau stop rolling out his CEO to wear the blame?

“Let’s not forget the Westminster system is such that the buck stops with the Minister.” Mr. Stephens said.

“Mr. Rau must assure South Australians this process has been transparent.

“Mr. Rau must front up and answer the many questions that are being asked about Labor’s latest privatisation and broken promise.” Mr. Stephens said.