Tourism Development Proposals Gain Planning Flexibility

Tourism Development Proposals Gain Planning Flexibility

Western Australia Minister for Planning John Day

Western Australia Minister for Tourism Kim Hames

State Government Provides More Flexibility For Tourism Development Proposals

Victor P Taffa

Changes announced today would allow more flexibility to tourism development proposals and pave the way for future investment in Western Australia.

With the release of Planning Bulletin 83, Planning Minister John Day said the percentages previously determining the residential components within tourism sites had been replaced with a list of factors to be assessed on a case by case basis.

“These changes offer more flexibility, provide a greater mix of residential sites and encourage investment in tourist accommodation development.” Mr. Day said.

“The Department of Planning, Western Australian Planning Commission and Tourism WA have been working with the tourism industry that will eventually provide guidance to local governments to incorporate tourism initiatives into local planning strategies.”


Planning Bulletin 83 has been subject to extensive consultation with Tourism WA, the Tourism Council, the Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA) and local governments identified by WALGA as having experience with tourism planning.

Mr. Day said through the preparation of local planning strategies and structure plans, local governments would have greater flexibility in considering tourism proposals.

“With major projects under way across WA, these new amendments will offer greater diversity and vibrancy within these projects and tourism developments.” Mr. Day said.

Tourism Minister Kim Hames said the amendments would help spark much-needed tourist accommodation investment in Perth and other regions of the State.

“Short-stay market demand in Perth is high with occupancy rates some of the highest in Australia. This is good news on one hand but on the other we are starting to see a shortage of hotel rooms.” Dr. Hames said.

“To sustain the short-stay hotel market in large part due to resources success we need to attract more investment in hotel development which is imperative to WA’s future growth.”

“These amendments will mean greater flexibility in tourism development and are in keeping with the State Government’s overall vision, making WA an even more attractive investment proposition.” Dr. Hames said.

The implementation phase will be monitored and the bulletin reviewed in 12 months to see if further amendment or the preparation of a State planning policy is required.

WA Minister for Tourism Kim Hames

WA Minister for Tourism Kim Hames