The Mental Health Review Tribunal Is Simply A Glorified Kangaroo Court

The Mental Health Review Tribunal Is Simply A Glorified Kangaroo Court

Gay Marriage MUST BE Passed By The Federal Parliament

Victor P Taffa

The New South Wales Health System is more concerned with locking people up than making people better.

If you break a leg why don’t you have to attend a Health Tribunal Hearing ?

Under the Mental Health Act a Patient has to prove a case before a Tribunal for Freedom. In theory the System is designed for well intentions but the reality is that the New South Wales Police can lock you up at the drop of a hat.

The Community Treatment Order (C.T.O.) that I was coerced into signing in order to be discharged from Macquarie Hospital ran out on 13 November 2010 and so that I could have a holiday in Victoria until the 27 November 2010 State Election a 3 way telephone hook up was arranged.

Either I agreed to a 1 Month C.T.O. and a face-to-face Tribunal Hearing or a further 6 month C.T.O. would be determined for me.

The Telephone hook up was held minutes ago and the best that I was able to achieve was that I would be ‘Encouraged’ rather than be coerced to attend consultations.

As a result of the telephone hook up I will be on a C.T.O. for another 6 months much to the delight and satisfaction of the Corrupt, Evil, Bigoted, Racist and Homophobic Labor Party.

The sad fact that I was placed in Macquarie Hospital on 26 March 2010 exactly 1 year before the 26 March 2011 NSW Elections and only 19 days after announcing my intention to contest the Seat of Newcastle at the 2011 Elections.

Had I been heterosexual I would have been a Member of Parliament 20 years ago and not sent to a Psychiatric Hospital in 2003 and 2010.

For many years the NSW Labor Government has used the NSW Police to ‘do its dirty work’ against me personally.

The Pathetic NSW Labor Government has not increased funding into Mental Health and has used the Mental Health System to its advantage against me personally.

Editor Victor P Taffa has always voluntarily attended medical appointments and taken prescribed medication.

If anything else it has been the failure of doctors to prescribe appropriate medication for me and not the other way around.

When the history of NSW Politics is written the Labor Government of 1995-2011 will go down in history as the most corrupt and evil of all time.

Editor Victor P Taffa has no intention of doing any other thing than Standing as a Candidate in Newcastle on 26 March 2011.

Further Gay Marriage MUST BE passed by the Federal Parliament so that it will permanently end the discrimination by the Labor Party against Homosexual Men and Women.