Tasmania Short-Changed Again

Tasmania Short-Changed Again

Tasmania Shadow Minister for Infrastructure Rene Hidding

Tasmania Shadow Minister for Regional Development Mark Shelton

Gillard, Giddings Must Come Clean Immediately On Infrastructure Cuts

Victor P Taffa

The Tasmanian Liberals today called on both the State and Federal Governments to come clean on effect of Labor’s Infrastructure Spending Cuts on Tasmania.

“Julia Gillard and Lara Giddings must come clean over what infrastructure funds will be cut in Tasmania in the wake of the Queensland flood crisis.” Shadow Minister for Infrastructure Rene Hidding said today.

“Tasmania has already been dudded by the Federal Labor Government on infrastructure investment, with the state receiving very little from the $22 Billion Infrastructure Australia fund.”

“At a State Level, the Labor-Green Government has under-spent on its own capital expenditure program by a total of $250 Million over the past four years, while the State’s Economy continues to stall.” Mr. Hidding said.

“The Labor Government, at both a state and federal level needs to learn to better manage their budgets and ensure that this type of natural disaster damage can be fixed without dipping into the budgets of other important infrastructure commitments.”

“Doubt also surrounds the availability of funding for the resurfacing of the Midland Highway, which has been left in an appalling condition after 12 years of neglect by previous Labor Governments. The majority of the Highway requires immediate attention to avoid further deterioration.” Mr. Hidding said.

“In tough economic times, we need actual money being invested in Tasmania. The state can simply not afford to see cuts in infrastructure funding, which will ultimately lead to a halt in development, and cause further damage to the state’s budget.” Mr. Hidding said.

TAS Shadow Minister for Mark Shelton

TAS Shadow Minister for Regional Development Mark Shelton









“Regional Tasmania stands to suffer as a result of Federal cuts to infrastructure spending.” Shadow Minister for Regional Development Mark Shelton said today.

“Julia Gillard must come clean and inform Tasmanians of exactly what they stand to lose from the axing of the Priority Regional Infrastructure Program. With the funds being redirected to development in Queensland, development in Regional Tasmania will no doubt suffer.”

“Regional Tasmania has already missed out for too long. With the state’s budget showing signs of trouble, is appears Lara Giddings will have no room for spending on regional development in the upcoming budget.” Mr. Shelton said.

“Regional Tasmania should not be forced to pay for the Labor Government’s economic incompetence.”

“Lara Giddings needs to be on the phone to her Federal counterparts to ensure that cuts in infrastructure spending won’t affect much needed development in regional Tasmania, or the state will continue to suffer as a result.” Mr. Shelton said.