Tasmania’s Seven Year Itch

Tasmania’s Seven Year Itch

Tasmania Shadow Minister for Planning Elise Archer

State Coastal Policy Remains In Too Hard Basket For The Government

Victor P Taffa

Confirmation by the Premier that the Green-Labor Government is no closer to delivering an updated State Coast Policy than it was seven years ago is a complete and utter farce.

In Parliament today the Premier stated that the 2004 draft policy still did not meet the requirements to advance the sustainable use or development of coastal areas, Shadow Minister for Planning Elise Archer said today.

“Instead, the outdated original 1996 policy will remain and the whole review process must start over again! In other words, all work done by this incompetent Government since 2004 must be scrapped.”

“It is simply unacceptable that a State Coastal Policy continues to be placed in the ‘too hard basket’ by the Government while the state is left to suffer stagnant development and lack of opportunity.” Ms. Archer said.

“It beggars belief that this Government has allowed this process to sit idle for so long while the state continues to fall further behind the rest of the country.”

“Certainty is only available to developers when they know what bounds they can work within not when certain types of developments are selectively ‘cherry-picked’ and ‘blanket-banned’.”

“After a seven year review farce, a full and comprehensive updated State Coastal Policy in Tasmania is well overdue.” Ms. Archer said.