Surveys Are Meant To Discover Information

Surveys Are Meant To Discover Information

South Australia Shadow Treasurer Iain Evans

$78,000 Spent But NOT ONE Person Surveyed

Victor P Taffa

In another major embarrassment for the Rann Government, Freedom of Information (FOI) documents reveal that SA Water spent $78,000 on a survey to establish what SA Water customers’ views were on possible water price increases, but surveyed no one!

After spending $78,000 of the $162,000 consultancy awarded to interstate consultants NTF and having done the preparation work for the survey, the survey was cancelled.

The number of people surveyed nil!

The FOI request was for all documents relating to ‘SAWC 013802 Willingness to pay, methodology to determine customer support’. But the FOI only returned a draft survey form asking SA Water customers their opinions on possible water price increases for infrastructure projects, and no survey results.

“It’s clear that SA Water got cold feet and pulled the plug on the consultancy after wasting $78,000 of taxpayers’ money.” Shadow Treasurer Iain Evans said.

“Minister for Water Paul Caica needs to explain why Labor keeps wasting taxpayers’ money.” Mr. Evans said.

“Who spends $78,000 on a survey and then asks no one anything?”

“Only one good thing that can be said about this latest embarrassment at least they got no complaints from the survey!” Mr. Evans said.