Stage 2 Of Tourism Tracer Dashboard Launched By Premier

Stage 2 Of Tourism Tracer Dashboard Launched By Premier

Tasmania Premier Will Hodgman

Tourism Tracer building visitor insights faster

Victor P Taffa

Tasmania’s tourism industry is booming with 1.2 Million visitors and $2 Billion in spending driving growth right across the state, including in the regions.

Premier Will Hodgman said Stage 2 of the Tourism Tracer Dashboard launched today, is an innovative research tool to help us gain a better insight into visitors and what they like faster.

Tourism Tracer Dashboard provides online access to data collected via smart phones used by visitors as part of the Tourist Tracking Project.

Smart phones send GPS data (and other information captured through pop-up surveys) directly to the Dashboard.

This means users can see where visitors go, how long they stop and what infrastructure is being used, and they can do it in real time.


“Better we understand visitors, the better equipped we will be to offer a high quality travel experience, which in turn will help us to meet our ambitious visitor targets.” Premier Hodgman said.

This tool is the first of its kind in the world and complements the rich data we get from the Tasmanian Visitor Survey (which provides critical information on visitor numbers, where visitors are from, why they’re here and how much they spend).

We already know some important things as a result of the pilot of the first stages of this program, which tracked 472 visitors:

58 % of tracked visitors came in via Hobart Airport, and 24 % via the Spirits;

Over half came specifically to visit our spectacular natural scenery;

50 % used Facebook as their main social media platform, but interestingly more used We Chat (5%) than Snapchat (2%).

Next stage of the project is now underway and is expected to track upwards thousands of visitors, providing a more holistic and representative picture.

“There is no greater supporter of the tourism industry than the Tasmanian Government and we will continue to back this important growth sector in tomorrow’s State Budget.” Premier Hodgman said.