Spending On Disability Services Only 50% Of Budgeted Amount Over Last 8 Years

Spending On Disability Services Only 50% Of Budgeted Amount Over Last 8 Years

Queensland Shadow Minister for Disability Services Ted Malone

Labor Not Serious About Autism

Victor P Taffa

The LNP today said the Disability Services Minister’s call for a national register of Autism service locations was proof Minister Palaszczuk was out of her depth.

Shadow Minister for Disability Services, Mr. Ted Malone said Ms Palaszczuk’s flailing attempt to shift the blame for the lack of information for Queensland families living with autism to the Federal Government, was another example of the incompetent Bligh Labor ministry who are all talk and little action.

“That is a bit rich considering the Minister has previously admitted, only after strenuous questioning and pressure from the LNP, that she and her predecessors have ignored the need to undertake needs-based mapping for autism, a fundamental requirement for effective and efficient delivery of disability services.” Mr. Malone said.

“Ms. Palaszczuk needs only to point the finger at herself given that under the Bligh Government, Queensland was the only State Government which did not participate in the Australian Advisory Board on Autism Report in 2007.”

“Now, having failed to provide valuable information to a national report, because this toxic Labor government could not gather the information or agree on a definition, the Minister has the nerve to blame the lack of information on the need for a national register.” Mr. Malone said.

“This will be a significant disappointment but will come as no surprise to Queensland families living with Autism.  They are used to being dudded by Labor, who since 2002 have failed to deliver more than 50 % of the promised Capital Budget for Disability Services.”

“The LNP calls on Minister Palaszczuk to provide adequate and transparent funding for valued and important Autism services across the state who is struggling to keep their doors open because of this toxic, long term Labor Government.” Mr. Malone said.